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Antique Garden Ornaments

Posted on May 20, 2020

Antique Garden OrnamentsGarden antiques are capable of lending your outdoors a pleasant and unique appeal. Antique statues especially! They look charming and have a rustic appeal about them.
Statuary is an age-old art that has been around since the beginning of time. The art of making sculptures goes as far back as prehistoric times. Those times saw the use of ivory or soft stone for creating beautiful statues. Sculptors often used stone and lead for creating statues during the early 18th Century. The use of other materials such as bronze and marble was seen later as the art evolved over the years.
Statues from the past centuries can create grandeur in a garden. These are the perfect means of adding a surprise point of interest in your garden. Antique statues can find their place against hedging, peeping out from unexpected corners or even as central focal points. These can charmingly complement your landscaping as well as the beauty of your garden planting.
At Antiquated Antiques, we have a great variety of Antique Garden items for the garden such as stone planters, antique garden bench, terracotta planters, French metal garden tables, large copper bowls, and some stunning antique garden statues. Have a look at this garden stone lifelike Rabbit from the early 19th Century - making a quirky addition amidst all your plants. Browse through the section for more.