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Are Antique Decoy Ducks Valuable?

Posted on October 22, 2019

 Are Antique Decoy Ducks Valuable?Yes, antique duck decoys have become one of the most sought after collectables. Duck decoys were used in the past for hunting to attract real ducks. Carved from wood, these resemble real ducks and the ones available from the olden times have now become antique collectables that are quite valuable.
During the 19th Century, duck was considered a delicacy, with some of the most excellent restaurants around the country having it on the menu. The demand for ducks made duck hunting quite a big business. Duck decoys were hence very much in demand to lure in the real prey for ease of hunting.
Although no longer in use today for their intended purpose, these wooden duck decoys are now considered to be highly collectable. We have sold quite a few of these to date. The only one remaining in our collection is this 1820 decoy duck with weight. The paint has almost worn off, and it now portrays a lovely bleached colour.