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Are you looking for antique French armchairs? We have classic Provincial options available with us!

Posted on March 01, 2019

Are you looking for antique French armchairs? We have classic Provincial options available with us!Often when we read about the history of French Antiques, it is more about the luxurious pieces of furniture created to suit the royals and aristocrats. But there is a specific style of furniture called French provincial style that was designed for everyday use and had a simpler vibe.

French Provincial furniture styles took inspiration from the Louis XV and Louis XVI era in Versailles but were not as opulent and more humble appearance wise.

However, what was once considered simple now looks quite luxurious in contemporary homes. In spite of a humble look and appeal, you will be surprised to find that these decorative provincial furniture options look quite at home and luxurious in today’s contemporary homes.

While the original aristocratic styles might appear to be a little over the top in the contemporary home, the simple provincial country style furniture of the past will easily bring in the perfect amount of tradition and luxury, fitting in effortlessly in both formal and casual settings. So be it a luxurious hotel, a classic mansion or a focal point in a contemporary home, these are pieces of furniture pieces that could work for you.

For some excellent Provincial seating options, Antiquated Antiques is the place to be!

From classic and traditional options that look their age and period they belong to, to some very classy classic options but with a slight modern twist to it; the options are many. Beautiful and comfy armchairs, stools, pairs of chairs, sofas and day beds. Our range includes English and French sofas, antique settees or vintage sofas, armchairs and more. You will find antique Italian sofas, black lacquer chairs, Victorian ottoman, Victorian chesterfield sofas, single oak chair, pair of French armchairs, antique elm chairs, leather library chair, etc. in our versatile stock. We have a period seating options left unupholstered so that you can customise these the way you want to suit your decor.

Browse through our stock to have a look, visit us in Petworth Antiques Market, or get in touch to find what you are looking for!