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Are You Looking For Antique Rocking Horses?

Posted on October 26, 2018

Are You Looking For Antique Rocking Horses?

Rocking Horses have been one of the most popular toys of the past. It is believed that they came into being sometime during the early 17th Century.


Everyone has enjoyed a version or variant of this toy during their childhood. From a horse head simply attached to a stick to barrel horses, rocking horses and toy horses with wheels, the versions have been many and have evolved with time.


Wooden rocking horses as handcrafted creations appeared sometime during the 18th Century. The classic English Dapple Grey rocking horse was considered to be one of the most famous from amongst the available rocking horse toys.


A Victorian style rocking horse on bow rockers was considered to be the safest of them all because of the width of the rockers which significantly reduced the chances of it being overturned.


Rocking horses were popular throughout Great Britain during Georgian and Victorian times. Nowadays antique wooden rocking horses have become a part of collectors' items lists and the rare ones are very much in demand.


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