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Buying Vintage - A Handy Guide

Posted on November 22, 2019

Buying Vintage - A Handy Guide

Are you shopping for antiques or vintage items? First, let’s understand what the difference is between antique and vintage. It is all about age; antiques are a minimum of 100 years old, and vintage is at least 20 years old.

What are the different sources of antique and vintage items?

  • Antique dealers, shops and market places.
  • Auctions
  • Fairs
  • Antique Exhibitions
  • Garage sales, house clearances
Online dealers (preferably members of well known antique associations in order to ensure authenticity)

 Here are a few things that we suggest are considered before making your purchase:

  • The rarity of the piece as it is a direct determinant of value
  • Authenticity (Always remember that nowadays fakes for many pieces and readily available)
  • Condition of the piece. While a few bumps and bruises add to the appeal, the overall condition is important.
  • Restoration and replacement parts.
  • Provenance (History of the ownership and origin of your vintage piece)
  • Thoughtful mixing and matching so that your decor looks like a good blend of the old and the new
  • Check out the marks, symbols, and stamps that are usually present on many pieces.
  • Check out guides that will help you spot the differences between real and imitation. This isn't always dishonest, students of famous artists and makers sold their pieces too!

 These are our suggestions for what you should consider to help ensure you get a good deal on your antique or vintage buy. Importantly, have fun! Searching amongst the items of bygone eras is interesting and entertaining. You never know what you may find, and you may surprise yourself! We have a good stock of antique and vintage furniture at Antiquated Antiques. Visit us to have a look, online or at Petworth Antiques Market.