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Bvlgari Automatic Watch

Posted on September 22, 2020

Bvlgari Automatic WatchWatches make an interesting collectable for vintage collectors as well as aficionados. While watches from certain known brands are quite sought after, there are also those with significant historical importance that make it to the collections as well.
At Antiquated Antiques we have a treasure trove of collectables that will surely be of interest to you. If you are passionate about watches, have a look at this recent entry into our collection. This particular Bvlgari watch is a limited edition automatic piece from the year 1997. These watches were made in a limited edition of pieces only to commemorate the 1997 Handover of Hong Kong.
This particular piece being relatively recent is in absolutely flawless condition with all its originals intact. Such limited edition items are hard to come by, especially at such economical pricing. This should be a great addition as an investment too as we believe that the value will only increase over time.
Amongst vintage watches, there are a few iconic models that come with a nice story associated with them. This is one such piece. Visit our website to have a look at it.