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Collecting Antique Coasters

Posted on January 22, 2020

Collecting Antique CoastersDid you know that there are people who are seriously into coaster collecting and look for the rarest and most unique examples? Coasters or beer mats as they are also known as in the UK, make a collector's item. The hobby of collecting these is known as 'tegestology' amongst the more sophisticated aficionados of this pastime!
If you are into collecting such rare and unique items or indeed are only after a decorative pair, we have recently sourced this pair of French coasters from the mid 18th century. An unusual and rare find, these will make an excellent addition to your collection.
We have an extensive collection of antique decorative items. While some are worthy of entering a serious collector's repertoire, many will make a fine decorative addition in your home, adding a new and different dimension altogether. Our collection of decorative antiques includes vintage antiques, antique glassware, antique stoneware, antique carvings, antique pottery, antique figures, and many other decorative items.
We currently have a unique selection of Mexican folk art, 18th-century candlesticks, studio pottery vases, a limited edition teddy, a pair of lions, a wire-haired fox terrier, antique old duck decoys, French linen sheets, a Mobo rocking horse, a French candle holder, and so much more.