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Decorating with Antique Garden Accessories: Tips and Tricks

Posted on November 08, 2022

Decorating with Antique Garden Accessories: Tips and TricksA modern day garden, be it big or small, has a lot of scope to make it look vintage by using and reusing some day-to-day things as well as including some new ones.

Here are a few ideas that will bring some real character to your garden:

1. Bicycles
You can go all out retro by using bicycles as a show piece in your garden. You have a lot of options to decorate it – flowers, paint, garlands or even something more vintage like pipes. Old bicycles are a classic décor option not only for a garden but also for other spaces.
2. Door Knobs
Old antique door knobs can be fixed onto the garden wall and then used to hang plants or ornaments. This gives it an antique look as well as the plants and flowers bringing more colour to your wall.
3. Mason Jars
Mason jars add immense beauty to the place. These can be hung in a decorative way with lights and plants inside to give it beauty as well as functionality.
4. Bird Bath
Bird baths add to the antique look of the garden and serve as water bowls for the birds and animals who wander around.
5. Antique Planters and Urns
If you are aiming for a vintage appeal, these are the ultimate beautification accessories for a garden. The charm of earthy or moss covered planters is absolutely unparalleled.
6.  Antique Statuary
Imagine a statue or two popping out from an unexpected corner! Interesting right? Well the world of antique accessories has plenty to offer in this regard.
Your garden is your creative place. You can go all out or leave it with nothing. It is the perfect space in which to really exhibit your taste and personality. However you choose to decorate it we are sure it will still be as pretty as can be. Take a look at our antique garden items and become inspired.