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Decorating with Garden Statues

Posted on May 12, 2022

Decorating with Garden StatuesGardens often have a mystical and magical character about them. The soothing colours and fragrances of the flowers and soils are a treat to the senses. Landscaping and garden statues add wonderfully to the visual stimulation, with their elegant and at times playful character. The most important thing when it comes to garden statues is how and where you place them. Where are the best spots in your garden to display a good statue?
If you are planning to incorporate garden statues, placement is very important. Hedges or bushes can complement a garden statue well. The soft lines of the bushes provide a wonderful contrast to the rough edges of a statue, or vice versa in some cases! Statues in plain earthy colour tones stand out amidst the greenery creating a wonderful visual contrast as well.
If you are looking at it from the perspective of creating a focal point, a statue smack in the centre of your garden surrounded by a flower bed can be a great feature.
Pairs work wonderfully, flanking an entryway or even as independent accents in the garden.
Empty unused corners can be a great spot for a garden statue, drawing the eye to a typically under utilised area of a garden. Having such a bold decoration in a corner can be a nice subtle addition, there in all of its characterful glory but not taking centre stage.
While large statues are fabulous, they can be quite imposing in smaller gardens. Instead, several small ones peeking out from unexpected spots can work wonderfully well.
If you have a water feature or a swimming pool, statues can be the perfect item to complement them.
Statues can be a fantastic addition to any garden, so use your imagination and have some fun with it!

At Antiquated Antiques our wide collection of antique garden items features a number of wonderful and interesting statues that may look amazing in your garden. Have a browse and let us know if anything takes your eye.