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Decorative antique mirrors

Posted on July 27, 2018

We have a selected collection of Decorative Antique Mirrors here at Antiquated Antiques.
From checking your reflection to creating an illusion of space in a compact room to brightening up a room by reflecting light, to just being an elegant decorative accessory, a mirror plays a versatile role in the home. The ones with a period appeal add a different dimension to the room altogether.

At Antiquated Antiques we have a carefully chosen stock of decorative antique mirrors like French antique painted mirrors, French and English mirrors, Bamboo framed mirrors, large Italian mirrors, large antique Georgian mirrors etc. All the options have a very classic appeal to it and will bring in an unmatched depth to the decor.

Apart from the smaller ones you also have the have full length wall mirrors or large antique floor standing mirrors etc.

A lovely example is this  19th century original painted mirror carved wood that is 124 cms high 94 cms wide

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