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Folk Art Rocking Horse

Posted on October 28, 2021

Folk Art Rocking HorseRocking horses have always been a timeless childhood favourite. These beautifully carved toys of the past make for highly treasured heirlooms. Antique rocking horses that are still in good condition ride quite high in the affections of collectors and kids alike.

The actual origins of these are not so clear and the craftsman who first created a wooden horse on rockers is not known. They most likely stemmed from a cradle, a variation as the child grows and is capable of sitting without support.

By the end of the 18th century, rocking horses evolved into beautiful pieces that were ornately crafted. Antiquated Antiques has always held a number of antique rocking horses  The new addition to our collection is this beautiful folk art rocking horse,  possibly Hungarian. Slight bumps and bruises add to its personality. An interesting piece that could be a play thing for a child or even a collector’s piece.

We have quite a few in our collection here. Browse through the website to have a look at the options.