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Immerse yourself in a World of 18th Century Antique Dressers

Posted on September 25, 2019

Immerse yourself in a World of 18th Century Antique DressersThere is so much to admire about this stunning 18th Century small oak dresser base with fielded drawers and flanked by arched fielded panelled doors. Its prominent colour and flawless patina are why this is such an elegant example of fine antique furniture, which is sure to provide a stylish feature amongst  both traditional or contemporary décor – and a beautiful focal point in the home.

Dressers were first created in England in the 16th century; they are quite similar to sideboards which were a common feature in dining rooms of the time. Dressers were actually very famous during the Edwardian Era, often seen in dining rooms and kitchens, also known as a “lowboy”, or simply a “dressing table”.

In contemporary homes, a good-looking antique dresser can be extremely versatile piece of furniture which can be put to a number of different uses in the home. Whilst they can provide a great addition to the kitchen or dining room – their traditional place - dressers can also play their part elsewhere. For example, in a bedroom, they can be used as your ‘vanity’ with the neat addition of mirrors fitted to the backs of the dresser.

Hallways are also popular settings for these graceful examples of antique furniture; what better way to create a stunning focal point right there in your  entrance way than with a stylish 18th Century dresser! If you are searching for  an inspirational piece from the wonderful world of antiques, we’re confident we can find the perfect match for your property. Why not start the ball rolling by checking out our great selection.