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Limited Edition Prints

Posted on March 24, 2020

Limited Edition PrintsAt Antiquated Decorative Antiques, we have a good collection of rare and unique antique sketches, paintings and prints.
Amongst this collection of ours, we have a limited edition print by Donald Hamilton Fraser (1929-2009). Donald Hamilton Fraser was a famous British artist well known for his drawings of ballet dancers and thickly painted landscapes in vibrant colour. The piece in our collection is a limited edition print, 'Dancer'.
Limited Edition prints are harder to acquire since these are produced only in a particular number rather than indefinitely. Owning one of these prints is, therefore, more special knowing that more won't be reproduced once all are sold.
Limited Edition prints are more valuable depending on the fame of the artist. Their popularity, along with their value, may increase over time.
When buying limited edition prints, the artists proof holds more value than the printer's proof versions. An artist's proof is harder to come by and hence all the more sought after if available.
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