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Selecting Antique Table Lamps for Your Home

Posted on December 20, 2018

Selecting Antique Table Lamps for Your HomeNo room is complete without the right kind of lighting, and antique lighting solutions make a fantastic statement in any decor.
At Antiquated Decorative Antiques, Petworth we often have decorative antique lighting solutions that include vintage lighting, standard antique table lamps, antique lanterns, antique tea caddy lamp, Victorian desk lamps, pairs of bedside table lamps, living room table lamps, antique chandeliers, antique wall lights and a lot more.
If you are looking for decorative lamps and lighting, here are a few tips to help you choose the right ones:
. If you are planning to go for antiques, you need first to check what colour and style will suit your decor best,  as you may end up mixing styles.
. Decide the theme of your room and then try to match the lamp to it.
. Considering the size of the lamp, its height and how much light it casts is very important. It must be large enough to suit the purpose. There are different kinds of lamps for different purposes. Lamps for your living rooms, for instance, include floor lamps, reading lamps, table lamps etc. There are accent lamps available too which apart from lighting up the room, look a lot more decorative than other more functional options. Stylish lamps can also be used in bedrooms, dining rooms or hallways.
. Where possible, you can go for pairs of lamps as these also look good.
. Since you are looking at the antique options, consider the condition of the piece. Restoration and replacements should be thoroughly checked out as these can significantly affect the value of a lamp.
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