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Store in Style with Antique Boxes

Posted on May 26, 2022

Store in Style with Antique BoxesAntique pieces of furniture were often made with an intention of having both looks and utility. While they added wonderfully to the décor, these pieces of furniture were also quite functional with most pieces also providing ample concealed storage space. Coffers and ottoman were amongst such functional pieces of furniture which could be put to good use. In our collection at Antiquated Antiques, we have a few good decorative antique boxes that can be utilised wonderfully in modern homes.
Have a look at this antique decorative coffer from the 19th century. It comes with a candle box, still retains all of its original paintwork and is fantastic for storage. Perfect for a space that demands some rustic elegance.

Then we have this wonderful blue ottoman, upholstered in antique linen in indigo blue. It is in prime condition, with good storage space. This will make a perfect inclusion in a conservatory or in a hall, bedroom or lounge. This ottoman will be a great inclusion if you wish to add some bold colour and style to your interior.
Another interesting one is this wonderful antique Elm coffer from the late 17th century. The six-plank coffer with tall arched