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Unique Victorian Corrective Chair

Posted on May 21, 2021

Unique Victorian Corrective ChairAntiquated Antiques is home to a wonderful variety of antique chairs that will make a classic addition to modern-day decor. The pieces in our collection are not heavily ornate, however they feature just the perfect level of quirk that will make an interesting inclusion in your home. The best part about antique furniture is that it offers something very unique and adds oodles of character to your decor whilst also having an interesting history, which is sure to be a talking point amongst your guests.

Our selection contains many interesting items that may be exactly what you’re looking for. One particularly interesting piece of furniture is this Victorian Corrective Chair, which comes with a fascinating bit of history associated with it. Corrective chairs were the old time-out chairs for naughty kids. These were commonly known by many names such as discipline or punishment chairs etc. Naughty children were made to sit on these chairs and since they were typically quite high, the child's feet were kept off the floor and the shallow back ensured a rigid posture.

We are sure an interesting piece of furniture like this one will make a fantastic addition to a certain style or theme within modern decor, providing a huge amount of unique charm and character. Visit us to see the numerous other options that we have in store for you.