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Vintage Cat

Posted on April 22, 2020

Vintage CatAntiquated Antiques always have some quirky items from the world of antiques that make fabulous and unique decorative accessories in the modern-day decor. We seek out interesting and unique pieces such as pots, vintage rocking horses, pottery jugs and more. These are usually one of a kind or items that are only available once in a while. Such pieces make interesting collector's pieces as well as being great decorative accessories.
One great example is this vintage cat from Cornwall. This is an unusual and rare find and is believed to have been used as a shop or dairy advert for cream. Antiques like this are not easily found! This vintage cat is in good condition. Slight signs of age are, of course, expected but add to the personality of the piece.
There are several other similarly interesting items in our collection. We try to collect rare and unique pieces as much as possible. Please browse through the website to have a look at the available options.