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What is a Coffer?

Posted on August 27, 2019

What is a Coffer?A coffer was considered to be a chest of importance back in the 17th Century. These were specifically commissioned chests made for individuals to store their personal belongings.
They were often created by the local joiners and were used for general-purpose items. Some coffers were also used for seating as well as for sleeping on. It was common for adults to have their own coffers, and at times, children would also have their own individual coffers. Amongst wealthier families, it was not uncommon for an individual to have multiple coffers.
Usually constructed using hardwood, primarily oak, as this was abundantly available and extremely robust and durable. Being sturdy and reliable, it was ideal for making oak coffers which saw rough usage as storage furniture. A coffer would usually be constructed from planks of solid oak with a hinged lid. These came with either a simple pegged construction or with old iron clout nails.
There are quite a few examples of domed topped or ark coffers as well. These have a dome-shaped lid which can be removed and reversed for different purposes. Coffers also came in the form of a mule chest which was often used for the storage of horse equipment.
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