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Where can you use Chests of Drawers?

Posted on February 02, 2022

Where can you use Chests of Drawers?Chests of drawers offer some of the most versatile pieces of furniture, especially antique chest of drawers that are absolute winners when it comes to form and function. They are not only versatile but also elegant and attractive. If you are of the opinion that a chest belongs only in the bedroom, think again. This is an adaptable piece of furniture that can be put to use in every part of your home in different ways. We have this wonderful American Chest of Drawers amongst our collection of predominantly English furniture pieces. This limed oak bow front chest of drawers is by the famous James Mcreery and sons, New York.

Here are some of our favourite uses for classic chest of drawers such as this one:

    .There is nothing better than a chest of drawers as a dresser base. Using your chest of drawers in this way is a great idea as it functions very well not only as a clothing storage but also for your makeup, jewellery and perfumes etc.
    .A chest like this could make a great nightstand or bedside chest while being a handy space for holding reading materials, notebooks, pencils etc.
    .Chest drawers make a functional item in the kid’s room for storing toys. It provides a perfectly functional storage space for puzzles, art supplies, games, or books etc.
    .A long chest of drawers can provide a good surface to hold a television, while the drawers are perfect for holding electronic accessories.
    .In the kitchen a chest of drawers proves to be a handy storage space for coffee, tea, cups, or spoons.
    .A chest of drawers can be equally handy in an office to hold books, files and folders.
    .And if you are thinking of a bathroom, this is the perfect space for linen storage.

Choose the right chest of drawers and the possibilities are endless. This particular chest of drawers that we have in our collection is like a blank canvas that can be decorated to suit your decorative and functional needs. Have a look at this simple and highly functional chest of drawers amongst our collection of vintage and antique furniture.